Years Of Experience

Kickstart Your Transformative Journey with Body Tech Gym in Training, Health, and Wellness Over 5 years of dedicated experience and incredible passion for your well-being, Our facility is certified to the highest industry standards by the respected International Standard for Facilities (ISF). Step into a world where certified trainers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise guide you through every fitness journey.

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Embrace the thrill of progress – each step forward is a victory. Fuel your journey with determination and passion. Break limits, shatter expectations. Your progression is the symphony of success.


Ignite your strength, conquer the gym, and transform sweat into success. Be the architect of your power, sculpting your body into a masterpiece. Elevate your energy, dominate your workout!


Elevate your workout with the perfect fuel. Nutrition is your gym partner, sculpting strength from within. Nourish your body, unleash power, and let every meal be a step toward greatness.

Our Trainers

Meet Our Expert Trainers

Zeeshan Mahmood

Trainer & Dietitian

Mohsin Sajjad

Personal Trainer

Hamza Khalil

Personal Trainer

M Haris Aslam

Personal Trainer

Ahmad Khan


Maha Aurangzaib

Dance & Fitness Instructor

Rubab Rafiq

Personal Trainer

Aneeqa Waqas

Personal Trainer

Nighat Nazir

Personal Trainer

Ghulam Rasool

Personal Trainer